Videos with Csakan

Csakan Concert with the Kammertrio Linz-Wien

Recording from 21. Oktober 2010 in Linz/Austria (Festsaal der Elisabethinen)

Michaela Cutka, Csakan
Wolfgang Jungwirth, Gitarre
Helmut Schaller, Csakan


Nik Tarasov live on the recorder-summit 2011 in Schwelm/Germany

Nik Tarasov shows the Csakan Cs2 made by Bernhard Mollenhauer and shows the history an talking about Sound, Fingering and how to play it. This Video is in German language but at the end Nik Tarasov plays the Csakan.


Kristina Schoch & Nik Tarasov plays two Csakans in duetto at a Mollenhauer seminar.

Anton Kargl: Duo op. 9 for two Csakans (at 1820), 1. Satz in Sonatenhauptsatzform.